New Meme Coin on Fire SHIB and DOGE Investors Buying

New Meme Coin on Fire SHIB and DOGE Investors Buying

Tamadoge, the new meme currency, is beating all the records that were set before. Even though the presale only lasted a few weeks, it made $12 million because it went so well. Go to  if you want to trade cryptocurrencies or invest in them.

Many DOGE and Shiba owners are considering switching to TAMA because it is so popular.

First, TAMA is the only meme currency that can be used, unlike other well-known meme projects like Shiba and DOGE.

Anyone with a TAMA token can buy pets and other things that can be traded on the marketplace. Tamadoge wants to make pets that will be essential parts of their owners’ lives, so he is taking a new approach to the metaverse and P2E.

And while the prices of Shiba and DOGE are decreasing, TAMA is working hard to show that it is the best cryptocurrency project. After the presale is over, TAMA will be listed on both Pancakeswap and LBANK. This means that many more people will be able to use the token. 

Why do so many people want TAMA so severely?

Tamadoge also wants to attract people who don’t play crypto games as often or don’t play them at all. More people want the token, so there is a higher demand for it.

Since both CoinSniper KYC and have checked the coin and found it real, there is no way it could be faked. Soon, the ecosystem will have new parts, like an app for augmented reality, partnerships with companies in the metaverse, and P2E arcade games.

Tamadoge involves everyone in the neighborhood. One example from today is the filter on Instagram. Those who use the Tamadoge Poop Filter could get TAMA tokens worth $500.

This is a new way to think about games and the metaverse. Tamadoge takes advantage of how popular DOGE pets are and gives them new lives in the Tamadoge metaverse.

One of the best things about Tamadoge is that if you do well, you get rewarded. Players can win prizes by caring for the dogs and doing other simple things.

With the addition of a fiat on-ramp, Tamadoge and Transak have made it easier for people to buy things. This means that anyone can buy TAMA with fiat currency. Put another way; people can buy ETH with regular cash and TAMA with cryptocurrency.

Buying tokens is easy and quick

Step 1

Make sure the MetaMask wallet is loaded in your browser, or use one of the other wallets that Wallet Connect supports. A desktop browser is easier to use if you want to buy something. For this, we like Metamask better.

Step 2

When you’re ready, click “Connect Wallet” and choose the option that best fits your needs from the drop-down menu. If you want to use apps for mobile wallets, select “Wallet Connect.”

After that, you can choose from three different things. Using a credit card to buy Ether If you select this option, you can buy ETH, which our partner Transak will send to your wallet.

After that, you can use this ETH to buy things with TAMA. To start, choose “Buy Ethereum with Card” from the drop-down menu and follow the screen’s instructions. Purchasing the minimum amount of TAMA will cost you at least $15 worth of ETH. You can buy TAMA with ETH.

Now, if you have enough ETH in your wallet, you can trade it for TAMA. If you don’t have any ETH or USDT yet, choose option 1 to get some ETH before moving on. Click “Convert Eth” after entering the number of TAMA you want to buy, which must be at least 1,000.

Enter the number of TAMA you want to buy here (1,000 minimum). Just click on the button that says “Convert USDT.” You’ll then be asked TWICE if you still want to buy the item. The first round of approval is for the USDT contract, and the second is for the transaction’s total value. For the deal to be finalised, you have to go through both steps of the approval process.

Step 3

After the presale is over, you will be able to get your TAMA tokens. Go to and click on the “Claim” button in gold to join. When the event is about to begin, we’ll tell you more.

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