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This post delves into the Pleasedontblockchess com & aims to provide readers with insights into the gameplay experience offered by the website. Read all here.

Across the globe and Worldwide, numerous chess enthusiasts seek online platforms for gaming.  Therefore, these players keep on searching some platforms where they can fulfil their interest and enjoy. 

Pleasedontblockchess com has emerged as a popular choice, offering players the opportunity to engage in chess matches virtually. Let us find out how the platform is operating and what it is offering and take note of the following details.

All about the portal Pleasedontblockchess com-

An online chess playing platform named Pleasedontblockchess where various players can enjoy by engaging themselves in chess play. These matches can be played with anyone like computer opponents and other online players.

The process to access this portal-

The users need to sign up to create an account. If you have signed up then or log in through your details.

The platform offers various videos where players can mention their reviews and learn gameplay strategies. They can also share important tricks and tips for mastering the game.

Additionally, Pleasedontblockchess con showcases its policies and links to various social media platforms, making it easy for users to connect and stay updated. 

Whether playing with friends or competing against online opponents, this platform offers endless opportunities for enjoyment.

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The Legitimacy check of

The correct URL for Pleasedontblockchess ends with .com not .con. Using the wrong keyword might redirect online players to a different platform altogether. Therefore, it’s essential to search with the correct URL.

Readers can delve deeper into the legitimacy of the website by considering the crucial facts we’ve provided. This section highlights key points that are pivotal in determining the website’s safety and authenticity.

The Legitimacy check of
The Legitimacy check of

Registration Details: The Pleasedontblockchess website was registered on February 27, 2023, making it approximately a year old.

Domain Expiry: The domain is set to expire on February 27, 2026.

Trustworthiness: With a trust score of 92 percent, is considered safe and reliable.

Player Feedback: The website displays the number of players who have engaged with the game, providing insights into player activity and participation.

Registrar: is registered with, LLC.

Social Media Presence: Pleasedontblockchess com maintains an active presence on various social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, with verified pages showcasing their authenticity.

Activity on

As of now, over 13 million games have been played today alone. Currently, there are over 81,000 active players engaged in the game on the platform. These figures highlight the substantial usage of the website among players.

Observing Player Engagement: Players have shown their support for this website across various social media platforms. YouTube hosts several instructional videos guiding online players through the game’s rules and strategies.

The website’s popularity is evident through its verified accounts on social media platforms, indicating a trustworthy online presence.

Analysis of Pleasedontblockchess con website-

The website’s domain was established approximately a year ago, indicating its relatively recent inception. Its commendable trust rating adds to its credibility, portraying it as a reliable platform.

Moreover, the presence of verified social media accounts further solidifies its authenticity. With millions of users actively participating in the game, Pleasedontblockchess fosters trust among chess enthusiasts. 

Whether engaging with fellow online players or opting for computer opponents, the game offers flexibility and enjoyment at any time.

We expect our readers to religiously check the platform before signing in and share with us your experience.

You can also learn the various ways to learn and play chess online here.

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