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The article discusses the basic facts of the Santa Monica Hit and Run and describes the present situation and recent updates.

Do you know about Santa Monica? Recently, a driver had a fatal accident and ran from the area. Now the authority of Santa Monica is searching for the driver of the white Mustang. Many people are searching the news in the United States

Per the report, the accident happened on November 13, 2021. The time of the accident was about 8pm. But still, the police don’t find the main accused of the accident. For this reason, the police want public support. We need to discuss the Santa Monica Hit and Run case and the recent update for more data. 

The Review of the Accident

The accident took place nine months back. It happened near Pico Boulevard and 10 streets. The time of the accident was nearly 8 pm. On that day, a white colour Mustang hit a person and ran. 

Later, police examined the accident area. The police also checked the CCTV footage of the accident. The person who faced the incident was a 58 years old man. After the accident, the person got a severe injury. Later the authorities took him to the nearest hospital. 

Santa Monica Accident Reports

Police have struggled to find the principal accused person’s driver for a long time. First, the police didn’t get any trace of the driver. Later, police find the person. As per the report, police searched for the model of the car. It took many months to trace the vehicle. 

Later, police disclose the details of the car. The model of the vehicle was made in 2015, and it is a Ford Mustang. Police have checked the entire security camera and discussed the matter with the witnesses in the accident zone. After that, police came to know the details of the car. 

Santa Monica Hit and Run

Police also said the car’s windshield was broken due to a massive accident. In the accident, the front side of the vehicle was damaged. Later, police also started the investigation to track down the driver. After a few months of research, police traced the driver in the frequent area of Santa Monica. 

On the other hand, the person who faced the accident had trauma for several months. Later the person died. But for the investigation purpose, the police didn’t disclose the name and details of the person. But the situation has changed. 

As per the Santa Monica Accident Reportspolice want to help identify the driver and car. For this reason, police urged the people if anyone could identify the person and car. For this reason, police also circulated a helpline number and an email id. 

The Present Situation

August 5, 2022 (Friday) is the day when police need help to identify the driver and the car. The news is spreading everywhere. Many people also take an interest in the report. Many people also posted the information on social media platforms to help the investigation. 


It is all about the Santa Monica Hit and RunNo need to wait for the next update. We assure you that all the data has a trusted source. And we will update you on the news very soon. Do you have any information about the accident? Share your comment. 

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