The Art of Wine and Food Pairing: Trends to Explore in 2023

Complete Information About The Art of Wine and Food Pairing - Trends to Explore in 2023

Are you looking for the best wines with your dishes, without buying too expensive wines? There are many types of wines and it is not always easy to find the one that will play a good role with the dishes on our menu. In this article, I have condensed my best food & wine pairings to help you make the right choices. So, let’s know about food pairing with wine trends 2023.

What is pairing and what is it for?

Pairing is the art of combining a dish with a wine to enhance the flavors of both the dish and the wine, creating a new and pleasant sensation on the palate. In the world of gastronomy and restaurants, sommeliers are the professionals in charge of proposing the most appropriate wines to pair with dishes. Choosing wines that match the food that we are going to serve is sometimes a complicated task, but there are always some recommendations that can make this challenge easier.

Wine and Food Pairing:

The food and wine pairing, a key element of a meal worthy of the name, must take into account all the elements surrounding the meal, such as the season, the decor, the guests or the customers, as well as the atmosphere and the conservation of the bottle. The sommelier therefore also has the task of having the knowledge and imagination necessary to provide the table with the wine that best suits the environment of the meal. The objective is to have on the plate the same density and the same volume of food as wine, this establishes a solid base on which to refine the aromatic accord. It is also important to emphasize that food and wine pairings are complementarity pairings, a logical sequence that defines the choice of wine.

Here are articles that will allow you to better understand the rules, and the very bases that govern the alliances between dishes and wines. So, let’s know about food pairing with wine trends 2023.

Food & Wine Pairing: Starters:

In order to get a meal off to a good start, here are some classic and more festive starters, which will allow you to start the hostilities. By mastering the basics, you will be able to offer some food pairing with wine trends 2023.

  • Wine and foie gras
  • Wine and truffle
  • Wine and caviar
  • Wine and asparagus
  • Wine and snails
  • Wine and spring rolls
  • Wine and tabbouleh
  • Wine and salads
  • Wine and salmon quiche
  • Wine and bread with truffle butter​

Food & Wine Pairings: Seafood:

From prawns to lobsters, lobsters, or oysters, the diversity of seafood leads to offering wines from all backgrounds and styles.

  • Wine and smoked salmon
  • Wine and oysters
  • Wine and crab
  • Wine and lobster
  • Wine and langoustines
  • Wine and lobster
  • Wine and prawns

Cured Meat & Wine Pairings:

Raw or cooked hams, rillettes, sausages, and other Cured Meat are covered in this essential part. Let yourself be surprised!

  • Wine and rillettes
  • Wine and chitterlings
  • Wine and pudding
  • Wine and sausage
  • Wine and sausage
  • Wine and ham

Wine & Meat:

Meats require some attention, depending on their cooking, first of all. Then their garnish, without forgetting their sauce. All of these will have a big impact on the possibilities of agreements. Let’s know about food pairing with wine trends 2023.

  • Wine and red meat
  • Wine and mushrooms
  • Wine and lamb
  • Wine and duck
  • Wine and burger
  • Wine and beef
  • Wine and pork
  • Wine and mutton
  • Wine and rabbit
  • Wine and chitterlings
  • Wine and savory
  • Wine and Osso Bucco
  • Wine and duck confit
  • Wine and stew
  • Wine and veal blanquette

Poultry & Wine Pairing:

  • Wine and roast chicken
  • Basque wine and chicken
  • Wine and capon
  • Wine and turkey

Wines & Fish:

Fish are often delicate, to cook, but also to marry. Especially with red wines. Nevertheless, it is possible to offer some red wines with fish, yet white wines have a much easier time combining with the delicate flesh of fish and their often acidic sauces. Let’s know about food pairing with wine trends 2023.

  • Wine and red tuna
  • Wine and fish
  • Wine and sole
  • Wine and turbot
  • Wine and ray
  • Wine and bar
  • Wine and anchovies
  • Wine and fish barbecue
  • Wine and bouillabaisse

Food And Wine Pairing:

  • Wine and barbecue
  • Wine and mash
  • Wine and shepherd’s pie
  • Wine and ratatouille
  • Wine and Sauerkraut
  • Wine and raclette
  • Savoyard wine and fondue
  • Wine and tartiflette
  • Wine and cassoulet
  • Wine and Beef Bourguignon
  • Wine and Stew
  • Wine and duck confit
  • Wine and stew
  • Wine and veal blanquette
  • Wine and bouillabaisse
  • Basque wine and chicken

Wine And Pasta and Pizza Pairing:

Pasta is often a favorite on our tables, every day. Certain sauces, in particular bolognese, pesto, or even carbonara, allow certain pairings with often surprising wines. Why deprive us of it? Here are some more chords. Let’s know about food pairing with wine trends 2023.

  • Carbonara & bolognese wine and sauces
  • Gnocchi and raggu alla bolognese sauce
  • Wine and pasta bolognese
  • Wine and pasta carbonara
  • Wine and pesto sauce

Wine And Cheese Pairing:

Cheese and the wine, love at first sight. But while red wine is often wrongly requested, you will have to quickly rehabilitate white wine, and change bad habits. Why red wine does not like cheese, how to match cheeses without making mistakes. Let’s know about food pairing with wine trends 2023.

  • Wine and cheeses
  • Wine and Comté
  • Wine and Roquefort
  • Wine and Crottin de Chavignol
  • Wine and Sainte-Maure de Touraine
  • Wine and Ossau Iraty
  • Wine and Chaource
  • Wine and Reblochon
  • Wine and Munster

Wine & Desserts:

A good meal always ends with a good treat. A dessert closes this long parenthesis. Between sugars and acidities, the wine will have to juggle between a good sweetness and salient acidities in order to offer a persistence capable of responding to each dessert. Let’s know about food pairing with wine trends 2023.

  • Wine and Chocolate
  • Wine and red fruits
  • Wine and Christmas logs
  • Wine and logs with red fruits
  • Wine and logs with exotic fruits
  • Wine and three kings cake


This food and wine pairing is above all a matter of personal taste, but it must respect certain essential rules at the risk of compromising the marriage between food and wine. There is a general hierarchy to respect, starting with a sparkling wine, to titillate the palate, continuing with a white wine or a rosé wine, then a red wine, and ending with a sweet wine.

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