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Please scroll down to the article below and learn about the guidelines for writing guest posts on Therapist Write for Us.

Are you someone who knows different therapies used to cure mental and physical illness? Are you someone who wants to impart your knowledge by writing it for other portals? If so, we have good news for you.

Our domain has been looking for expert writers who possess knowledge of the different dimensions of therapies. In this article, we will elaborately give the instructions that need to be followed while applying or working in our portal for Therapist Write for Us.

About Our Website

In our portal, we offer well-verified truthful information to our readers. To provide such quality information, some writers are working efficiently. Moreover, some teams supervise the writers’ works so that the writers cannot make mistakes while writing. Above all, we have a couple of analytics that constantly analyze the quality of the content. 

So, viewers who follow our platform always expect to get uncommon yet true information. To meet this expectation, our writers research more extensively about any topic. Therefore, people with good research and writing skills always go to a better place in the future.

Guidelines Write For Us + Therapist 

  • The most important criterion while writing is that the content you have created should be 100% authentic and free from plagiarism. You may borrow the idea or information, but you must present it yourself.
  • You must create your content by maintaining the given words; it must not be more or less than the instructions.
  • The internal and external links should be used in the content as the instruction while giving the writing by the company. You can never use any link for your promotion or to promote others. 
  • The content should not exceed the spam score of 3%.
  • To make your content captivating to the readers, using headings and subheadings is very necessary. 
  • In the Write For Us Therapist Guest Post, the final content will discard any inappropriate or impulsive use of words. Using appropriate words may dismiss your entire write-up.

Advantages Of Getting This Opportunity

  • The writers can get exposure to the readers globally through writing such a post.
  • Through writing, writers can improve their writing skills.
  • Readers will benefit from the provided information and learn about the important therapeutic technique.
  • Guest post writing makes the scope of your content creation wider. Through this writing, you can write about different genres of writing.
  • Finally, writing guest posts can help get many people’s attention.

Who Can Apply For 

  • People who have knowledge of the different aspects of therapy and can share important information through writing are welcome for this writing opportunity.
  • Apart from the therapy knowledge, the writer must know about SEO and how to place the keywords while applying for Therapist “Write For Us”.
  • The writer should take the information from different sources, but they have to know how to put all the information in such a way that it may become acceptable to the readers.
  • Resilience and adaptations are the two important keys to success in content creation. People with more adaptation power and those who are more resilient to the new features of writing have more chances of success.

Important Topics

  • The importance of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and how it enhances the quality of people’s lives after the therapy has been taken.
  • Emotion-focused therapy is another topic to be discussed in our Write For Us + “Therapist” guest post writing.
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy also is a topic of discussion.
  • Humanistic Therapy
  • Metallization Therapy
  • Counselling of grief
  • Exposure therapy
  • Therapy can be done simply by talking with the patients.
  • Psychodynamic Therapy
  • Somatic therapy

How To Contact Us?

Those ready to follow the instructions and have matched the eligibility criteria can send their sample articles to We will check your writing skill and inform you whether we like it. 

Apart from that, if you have any questions regarding the writing, you can send mail to the same email address; we will try to get back to you within 24 hours after receiving the mail.


From the above discussion on Therapist Write for Us, we have understood the topics about which we must know information while writing. We also learn about the eligibility facts and guidelines that must be kept in your head while writing. 

People looking for a writing opportunity can try our portal once. Undoubtedly you will excel in this field if you have potential and talent in writing. Moreover, to know more about therapy, click here.  

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