Velo-city Global 2012

HASTe rolls in and rolls out of VeloCity better equipped than ever! We spent all week at the International Cycling Conference in Vancouver and we couldn’t be more excited about the future of cycling in BC! Especially for youth!

HASTe was fortunate enough to have a couple of presentations accepted as part of the conference. Kerry Hamilton, Community Programs Manager preached the good word about Right to Bike: A Provincial Youth Cycling Education Standard for British Columbia. And we even got some media coverage!

At a local level, Mike Smith, School Programs Manager provided an overview of the Cool Routes to School Program – Child and Youth Bike Programming in New Westminster, BC – a city leading the way in child and youth cycling initiatives.

Both presentations matched up nicely with a number of other excellent talks about child and youth cycling strategies from across Canada and Internationally.

On the final day of the conference, Sandra Jones, HASTe’s STP Coordinator and Cartographer was in attendance for the signing of the Charter of Vancouver – recognizing “the right to cycle” for all children. Very exciting stuff!

Overall we were very impressed by the conference and left feeling inspired and motivated to continue our work. As more and more families are choosing to cycle as a healthy and viable alternative to the car, HASTe is excited to continue providing support and encouragement to anyone wanting to make the shift happen!

Well done HASTe staff and conference organizers! We’re excited for next year in Vienna!

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