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Check detailed guidelines, topics, advantages, keywords, and directives for crafting a Write for Us Crypto write-up for Hastebc.org.

Our Crypto write-ups offer crucial information on dynamic market trends, investment opportunities, and technological advancements, providing valuable insights into the intricate world of cryptocurrency, market dynamics, regulatory changes, and innovative developments, presenting expert analyses, practical tips, and industry perspectives. 

Crypto enthusiasts and investors can share their knowledge through Write for Us Crypto write-ups on our platform by following the guidelines below.

About Hastebc.org:

Hastebc.org aims to be a notable source of Crypto information, and we invite bloggers to contribute their Crypto-related write-ups. Hastebc.org boosts credibility and relevance in the crypto community by publishing diverse content with varied perspectives and tapping into industry professionals’ expertise. Our platform covers topics, including:

  • Travel,
  • Website reviews,
  • Technology,
  • Product reviews,
  • Real estate,
  • NGO,
  • Money,
  • Motorcycles,
  • Law (or) legal,
  • Industry,
  • Information technology,
  • Health,
  • Entrepreneur,
  • Gaming tips,
  • Education,
  • Cryptocurrency,
  • Currency exchange,
  • CBD,
  • Business startup,
  • Business,
  • Business ideas,
  • Bitcoin,
  • Blockchain, Etc.

Skill Sets of a Crypto Write for Us Blogger:

  • Writers must proficiently research Crypto-related subjects, possess comprehensive knowledge of diverse Crypto topics, deeply understand our Crypto audience’s interests and preferences, and demonstrate exceptional written communication skills.


  • Formal certification in Crypto investment is not obligatory. But, writers are expected to showcase their expertise through well-written documents.
  • Preference is given to writers with prior professional experience in the Crypto market.
  • Proficiency in crafting website content, blogs, write-ups, or articles is a vital requirement.

General guidelines:

  • Address environmental concerns in crypto mining, emphasizing secure wallets and robust security measures.
  • Crypto Write for Us must explore NFT trends, privacy-focused cryptocurrencies, and crypto’s role in social causes.
  • Tackle scalability challenges through innovations.
  • Discuss token standards, economic models, and the fundamental technology of cryptocurrencies.
  • Analyze stablecoins, exchange functionalities, CBDCs, and ICOs.
  • Highlight decentralized advantages, tax implications, and offer investment tips.
  • Provide beginner-friendly content, insights into emerging trends, and strategies for the crypto market.
  • Discuss the evolving regulatory landscape.
  • Utilize recommended resources, incorporating expert opinions.
  • Conclude with a call to action for comments, feedback, and write-up sharing.

SEO Guidelines for Write for Us + Crypto:

  • Crypto write-ups must be original and refrain from copying content from other articles.
  • They should be grammatically error-free, devoid of redundancy and offensive content, and avoid promotional links.
  • Articles should be logically structured with headings, bullet points, and subheads.
  • Ensure accuracy with factual information, excluding gossip, and maintain a high readability score.
  • Use an active voice in over 80% of the content, employ keywords consistently for SEO, and focus on the Crypto-related subject only.
  • Stay on topic, avoid repetitions, and include two backlinks, copyright-free images, Do-followup links, an introductory, pros and cons, FAQ section, and reference links.
  • Provide an unbiased conclusion summarizing key points.
  • Crypto write-ups should be a minimum of 800 words but not exceed 1,500 words.

“Write for Us” + Crypto Topics:

  1. Yield Farming,
  2. Wrapped Tokens,
  3. Web3 Technology,
  4. Tokenomics Explained,
  5. Tokenizing Intellectual Property,
  6. Tokenized Securities,
  7. Tokenized Real Estate,
  8. Tokenized Energy Markets,
  9. Tokenized Art,
  10. Token Utility,
  11. Token Standards (ERC-20, ERC-721),
  12. Token Sales Strategies,
  13. Token Liquidity Pools,
  14. Token Launchpads,
  15. Token Burning,
  16. Token Airdrops,
  17. Synthetic Assets in Crypto,
  18. Stablecoins Overview,
  19. Social Media and Crypto,
  20. Smart Contracts,
  21. Security Tokens,
  22. Scaling Solutions,
  23. Regulatory Compliance,
  24. Quantum Computing Threats,
  25. Proof of Work vs. Proof of Stake,
  26. Privacy-Focused Cryptocurrencies,
  27. Privacy in Cryptocurrency Transactions,
  28. Privacy Coins,
  29. Oracle Networks,
  30. Non-Custodial Wallets,
  31. NFT Trends,
  32. Multi-Signature Wallets,
  33. Layer 2 Solutions,
  34. Layer 1 Blockchains,
  35. Interoperability Challenges,
  36. ICO Insights,
  37. Crypto + “Write for Us” on Governance Tokens,
  38. Governance in DeFi,
  39. Gaming NFTs,
  40. Energy Consumption in Crypto Mining,
  41. Decentralized Finance,
  42. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs),
  43. DApps Development,
  44. DAOs in Governance,
  45. DAO Governance,
  46. Cryptocurrency Wallet Security,
  47. Cryptocurrency Trading,
  48. Cryptocurrency Risks,
  49. Cryptocurrency News Aggregators,
  50. Cryptocurrency Market Sentiment,
  51. Cryptocurrency Market Manipulation,
  52. Cryptocurrency in E-commerce,
  53. Cryptocurrency for Charities,
  54. Cryptocurrency Exchanges,
  55. Cryptocurrency and Inflation Hedge,
  56. Cryptocurrency Adoption,
  57. Crypto Wallets,
  58. Crypto Token Valuation,
  59. Crypto Taxation,
  60. Crypto Staking,
  61. Crypto Regulations,
  62. Crypto Mining,
  63. Crypto Market Trends,
  64. Crypto Market Analysis,
  65. Crypto Lending,
  66. Crypto Investment Strategies,
  67. Crypto Insurance,
  68. Crypto Index Funds,
  69. Crypto in Supply Chain,
  70. Crypto in Remittances,
  71. Crypto “Write for Us” on Crypto Governance Models,
  72. Crypto Gaming,
  73. Crypto for Social Impact,
  74. Crypto for Beginners,
  75. Crypto Education,
  76. Crypto Derivatives,
  77. Crypto Crowdfunding,
  78. Crypto Asset Management,
  79. Crypto as Collateral,
  80. Crypto and Virtual Reality,
  81. Crypto and the Music Industry,
  82. Crypto and the Legal Industry,
  83. Crypto and the Gig Economy,
  84. Crypto and the Future of Money,
  85. Crypto and the Fashion Industry,
  86. Crypto and the Entertainment Industry,
  87. Crypto and Personal Finance,
  88. Crypto and Environmental Concerns,
  89. Crypto and Cybersecurity,
  90. Crypto and Big Data,
  91. Crypto and Augmented Reality,
  92. Crypto and Artificial Intelligence,
  93. Crypto Analytics,
  94. Cross-Chain Compatibility,
  95. Cross-Border Payments,
  96. Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs),
  97. Blockchain in Healthcare,
  98. Blockchain in Education,
  99. Blockchain Basics,
  100. Atomic Swaps, and more.

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  • Writing Crypto write-ups on knowledge-based platforms offers advantages like broadening exposure, establishing authority in the field, and contributing to a community of informed individuals.
  • It enhances personal brand visibility, facilitates networking, and allows the sharing of insights and expertise.
  • It fosters engagement and collaboration within the Crypto community, contributing to collective learning and awareness. 

Submitting Crypto + “Write for Us” write-ups:

Final thoughts:

We aim to position Hastebc.org as a significant source of technology-related knowledge, allowing contributors to select any relevant topics, including those previously mentioned. We reserve the right to delete or edit parts of your write-ups. After approval, refrain from submitting elsewhere, and we’ll contact you before publishing or within 24 hours of submission.

Your feedback on the informative nature of the Crypto write-up guidelines is appreciated. Please share your comments on these guidelines for writing Crypto “Write for Us”.

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