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About General Information Write For Us Newspaper

Write for Us Newspaper post has shared all the details required for creating content for the guest article and become a contributor for the site.

Do you want to share your fresh ideas and opinion on a digital platform with global readers? News writers and experts writing for different tabloids can choose their favorite topic and write on it with a new perspective. As every media house has its own goals, sometimes a writer cannot express their opinion.

Hastebc’s platform provides a unique opportunity for news Content contributor to share their thought on developments taking place in the world. Our Write for Us Newspaper initiative welcomes contributor’s perspectives on current global events.

Details Of Hastebc Website:

Writers need to know about the platform they intend to join as contributors. Hastebc publishes articles under three niches on its platform. Website reviews, product reviews, and news on global events are published daily, attracting several visitors to the site.

The website review section has a huge following among online shoppers as our unbiased review has won readers’ trust over time. The news section mostly covers topics that attract the attention of the global audience. The gaming section also has a huge fan base as online gamers find topics of interest.

Write For Us + Newspaper Blog:

Hastebc believes that newspaper guest post has great potential for each contributor participating. It also can bring out the best in the news writer as it gives them the freedom of expression. Each expert works in a different field, and they get to know its pros and cons after working in it for a long time.

The guest post allows them to share their ideas with diverse readers and analyze their performance. Readers get to read a new thing in place of the regular stuff. Hastebc will get the reader from a niche not targeted by its writing team.

Who Can Contribute To The Guest Post?

Newspaper “Write For Us” post requires content contributors from different niches having the ability to write on current topics. They should be aware of current events and has the potential to give an opinion on them.

  • Experts on international affairs with the ability to create content on current events.
  • Economics experts who can analyze the global economy.
  •  Sports writer covering sports topics that are praised at the international level.
  • Writers with a grip over political events.
  • Writer covering technology that will have a greater impact in the future.

Type Of Content Accepted By Our Website:

  • Topic on the current event will only be entertained.
  • Futuristic opinions on the economy and technology will also be accepted.
  • Write For Us + “Newspaper” posts should be unique content that attracts readers.
  • Content should be well researched and backed by facts.
  • The article should be published for the first time on our platform.

Benefit For Writer Of The Guest Post:

  • They can share their ideas on a global platform.
  • A regular visitor to the website will act as a ready-made audience for the post.
  • They can also divert traffic on their web portal by adding backlinks.
  • They can analyze the performance of their post at the global level. 

Topic Covered Under Newspaper Guest Post:

Some topics that can be covered under the Write For Us Newspaper Guest Post are listed below.

  • Economic topics 
  • Sports topics 
  • Topics covering global politics
  • International relation news
  • Current news that has a global impact
  • Topics have a futuristic approach

Guidelines For Writing Newspaper Guest post:

  • Content should not contain less than 1000 words.
  • The Contributor should get acquainted with the SEO guideline of search engines and follow all its guidelines.
  • Content having grammatical errors will be rejected writer should use relevant tools and aim for a score of 100.
  • The article should be free of any plagiarism.
  • Content should engage the audience for a brief period.
  • Titles should attract the attention of the reader.
  • Write for Us Newspaper should have a relevant heading and subheading that matches the content inside it.
  • Active voice should be used in more than 90% of the content.
  • The writer should try to create content in simple language so that the average reader can read it.
  • Content developed for our platform should not be shared with other publications.
  • SEO-friendly articles will have a greater chance of ranking higher in SERP.

How To Apply For Newspaper Post On Hastebc Org:

News writers and experts interested in writing Newspaper guest posts on our platform can contact the Hastebc team at team2022.hastebc@gmail.com


Write for Us Newspaper posts provides a great opportunity for news writers and experts to share their work with a global audience. People facing any difficulty regarding the newspaper guest postread here. You can contact the Hastebc team at the above-given mail or share their query in the comment section.

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